The sources that matter,
beautifully organized

More than 300 curated sources

We handpick each source that
goes into the newsstand

So you don't have to get lost
in the noise of the web.
This way it gets easier for you to
choose your favorites.

Feedly integration

Have the full Feedly experience in Qiosq

Sync your Feedly account and
keep track of with your own feeds and groups.
You can even see you saved articles and
save new articles to read later.


Organize and have easy access
to your favorite sources in one place

Order and bundle sources in collections
you can read at the same time.

Fast Reading

Qiosq is engineered so you can go through a large news feed fast

The articles from the feed reveal more text as you scroll through them and when you open an article, you get a visual indication of the text you already read. It also makes use of gestures and large icons so you can easily use it with one hand.

You can always swipe from the far left of the screen to go back and if you swipe from the far right of the device on an article in the articles list of a feed you can open the link directly in the built in browser, or swipe right and up to open the share menu or right and down to open the link in read mode.

Carefully crafted

Each source has it’s own branding

With custom icons drawn for each
one of them respecting the brands
identities and guidelines.

on your
iPad too

Take full advantage of Qiosq
on the big screen

But also on smaller screens
like the iPhone 4.

Best of all

It's free!

With no setup and no signup, just open
the app and read your favorite news sources.

You can also connect to your Feedly account
and sync your favorite news sources.